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Thinking Rightly

Thinking Rightly

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Real transformation in Christ begins with the renewal of the mind (Rom.12:2). Thus, following Christ involves changing the way one thinks at the heart level. If so, how do we think rightly on key issues in our man-centered world with so many differing voices? How do we think rightly about God, sin, priorities, marriage, spiritual disciplines, racism, and more? In this series, we will learn how to think rightly on a few essential and current issues as we seek the guidance of Scripture.

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2015.08.16 | Ephesians 2:11-22 Thinking Rightly about Racial Reconciliation | Listen

2015.08.09 | Psalm 139:13-16 Thinking Rightly about Human Life & the Unborn | Listen

2015.08.02 |Matthew 19:4-6 Thinking Rightly about Marriage & Sexuality | Listen

2015.07.26 | Mark 7:14-23 Thinking Rightly about Sin | Listen

2015.07.19 | Four Prayers That Can Change Your Life [Wade Harlan] | Listen

2015.07.12 | John 1:19-39 Thinking Rightly about Priorities | Listen

2015.07.04 | Job 40:1-5 & 42:1-6 Thinking Rightly About God | Listen

2015.06.26 | More Love to You O Christ – Retreat Session 1 [Dave Chae] | Listen

2015.06.27 | More Love to You O Christ – Retreat Session 2 [Dave Chae] | Listen

2015.06.27 | More Love to You O Christ – Retreat Session 3 [Dave Chae] | Listen

2015.06.28 | More Love to You O Christ – Retreat Session 4 [Dave Chae] | Listen

2015.06.21 | Genesis 27:1-40 The Blessing of a Father | Listen