What We Practice

  1. Simple Life & Ministry: Keep life and ministry simple by proactively arranging them around the “organic life and relationships” of transforming home group communities.
  2. Deep Mutual “Care & Challenge”: Cultivate both deep care and deep challenge mutually as the transformational group culture.
  3. Missional Community: Be God’s “sent people” to the world by living life in Jesus’ way and by reaching out with the gospel locally and globally.
  4. Plurality of Leadership: Lead synergistically and biblically—but not politically, pursuing collective strength of wisdom and accountability as biblical discernment.
  5. Apprenticing/Mentoring: Practice apprenticing/mentoring as a lifestyle—starting within home group communities—mostly without any titles, positions, or even using the words, “apprenticing/mentoring.”
  6. Organic Leadership Development: Develop and empower homegrown leaders through sharing leadership tasks and responsibilities of home group communities.
  7. Building Up & Branching Out: Multiply transforming communities through building up and branching out home group communities and churches to keep it “happily disorganized.”