Men’s & Women’s Groups

At CrossWay, home group is the main hub of our community life and within each home group, we meet also as women’s group and men’s group every other week.

We gather in this way to share life, to deepen our love for one another, and to experience accountability in the growth and care of our souls.

During our men’s/women’s group meeting, we intentionally don’t center our gatherings around a study but seek to share how we have been applying the things God has been teaching us in our home groups, quiet times, life experiences, and Sunday sermons.

This is where we most often experience authentic community and participate in the Spirit’s work of real transformation in our lives as we provide accountability, encouragement, and challenge for one another.

Men’s/women’s groups meet every other week and are organized based on which home group one attends. Alternating men’s and women’s group meetings allows one spouse to manage child care while the other attends their group.

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