Past Sermon Series

Songs of Ascent Series

Songs of Ascent: Practices of the Lifelong Journey

October 2009 – February 2010

Psalms 120–134 are known as “Songs of Ascent” which were sung by Hebrew pilgrims. Three times a year, Hebrews took a trip on the road ascending to Jerusalem to worship, singing and meditating on these fifteen psalms. These pilgrim songs were meant to remind them of their commitment and practices for their pilgrimage as the people of God. Songs of Ascent contain timeless insights on the foundational things that we ought to practice during our lifelong journey toward God. In this series, our aim is to dwell leisurely on these fifteen psalms as our travel guide book on our upward pilgrimage as Christ-followers.

Click on the following sermon titles to download and view the sermon notes in PowerPoint presentation files (all sermons are by Pastor Paul K. Kim, unless otherwise noted):

02.28.10 | Psalm 134 Blessing God as the Blessed Ones

02.21.10 | Psalm 133 Dwelling Together in Unity

02.14.10 | Psalm 132 Maturing through Obedience

02.07.10 | Psalm 131 Keeping a Quiet Humble Heart

01.31.10 | Second Anniversary Sunday – Vision Message

01.24.10 | Psalm 130 Hoping in God

01.10.10 | Psalm 129 Persevering in the Lifelong Journey

12.27.09 | Psalm 128 Living the Blessed Life

12.13.09 | Psalm 127 Becoming a Wise Builder

12.06.09 | Psalm 126 Sowing in Tears for Shouts of Joy

11.29.09 | Psalm 125 Finding Unshakable Security in God

11.15.09 | Psalm 124 Becoming Confident in God’s Help

11.08.09 | Psalm 123 Clinging to God’s Sovereignty & Mercy

11.01.09 | Psalm 122 Gathering to Worship God

10.25.09 | Psalm 121 Looking to God for Help

10.18.09 | Psalm 120 Starting with a U-Turn