Past Sermon Series


PARADOX: Jesus’ Counter-Intuitive Teachings

October – December 2011

What is paradox? According to G. K. Chesterton, paradox is “truth standing on its head and waving its legs to get our attention.” The way of Jesus is often full of paradox because it is radically different from the way of this world. Following Jesus requires us to seek and choose Jesus’ way as our way, no matter how counter-intuitive it might be. In this series, we are exploring Jesus’ paradoxical truths in the Gospels. So, come explore Jesus’ subversive teachings—put them into practice daily; and you will experience the transforming power of Jesus’ way!

Click on the sermon titles to download and view the sermon notes in PowerPoint presentation files–it will be helpful to follow along these notes as you listen to sermon audio (all sermons are by Pastor Paul K. Kim, unless otherwise noted):

11.27.2011 | Paradox [8]: When You Are Insulted, Show your Strength by Not Retaliating | Listen

11.20.2011 | A Special Thanksgiving Message: Four Keys to Thankfulness | Listen

11.13.2011 | Paradox [7]: To Change the World Be Salt and Light | Listen

11.06.2011 | Paradox [6]: Choose the Difficult Narrow Road over the Easy Wide Road | Listen

10.30.2011 | Paradox [5]: The Secret Is In Secrecy | Listen

10.23.2011 | Paradox [4]: The Last Will Be First And The First Will Be Last | Listen

10.16.2011 | Paradox [3]: To Meet Your Needs, Don’t Seek Them First | Listen

10.09.2011 | Paradox [2]: The Way Up Is Down | Listen

10.02.2011 | Paradox [1]: To Find Your Life You Must Lose It | Listen